Five advantages of working for a small consultancy firm

Working for a start-up consulting firm is a unique experience. A start-up firm offers responsibility and engagement that would be out of reach at an established firm, but also brings unique challenges. Working at a start-up consulting firm is a great way to learn about growing a young business while gaining practical experience in consulting.  

Excitement and experience

A start-up consultancy offers experience in consulting alongside the excitement of a continuously growing company. We are simultaneously supporting our clients and navigating the growth journey of our own fast-moving business.

As with most start-ups, it can be chaotic at times. But for me, it’s well worth it. The fast pace and constant workflow keep me continuously engaged. While they can occasionally become overwhelming, I know that these experiences help me to grow personally and professionally.

I am always learning at work, and I have the opportunity to participate in different projects and business operations that interest me. While my peers at established firms are perfecting their PowerPoint skills, I am fully engaged and contributing both to client projects and our own firm’s development.

Here are my top five advantages of working for a start-up consulting firm:

Partner exposure

As a junior associate, I work directly with our managing partner, Christine Nordam. In addition to overseeing projects, she frequently holds workshops to pass on her knowledge. We also have regular one-on-ones where we discuss my goals and career development. Having direct interaction and a strong relationship with a partner has been invaluable in my education and is helping me as I consider my career path.


Working at Nordam Business Partners is a hands-on experience. I am actively involved with all stages of our projects. I meet our clients, conduct strategic analyses, and create reports. I am learning a ton as a contributing member of the team, and I feel both supported and engaged.

I am also included in our firm’s strategic conversations. The whole team is involved in strategic and operational decisions, a choice which would be impossible at a big firm. I feel empowered to share my perspective on the company’s direction, and it is exciting to be part of its growth.


Working for a small consultancy firm gives every team member significant influence on the culture. One of our firm’s goals is to create a corporate culture that is more inclusive and transparent than most traditional consultancies. As a team, we work hard to ensure that our actions and cultural norms match our stated priorities. I help to plan our social activities, and I am part of discussions about how we individually or collectively sustain or change our culture.

Professional Development

The small size of our start-up firm means that all team members can receive educational and development opportunities that are targeted to their professional goals. We can participate in different aspects of running the firm and supporting clients, which provides essential insight as we consider our own career development. We also have formal professional development that is tailored to our interests and existing skill sets. I know that workshops and continuous learning opportunities will be personalized for me to supplement my strengths and align with my individual goals.

Work/life balance

Our firm has prioritised work/life balance and we have created strategies to ensure that we practice what we preach. Our project teams are carefully put together to meet client needs while maintaining our internal norms, and we manage our schedules closely to ensure that everyone is working a reasonable number of hours. We are fully flexible on work location, and I can work from home or the office as I decide. While my colleagues and I work at the same time with clients or for internal meetings, asynchronous work is also normal, and much of my work can be done at the time that fits into my daily schedule.

I love the continuous challenge of working at a start-up consulting firm and know that my experiences will help to define my next steps. I am regularly applying my academic knowledge as I develop my consulting skills and contribute to our firm’s growth strategy. A start-up consultancy provides a great opportunity to be fully engaged in the strategic and operational needs of a consulting firm.

Are you interested in consulting but looking for a more accepting culture? Are you looking to be part of a rapidly growing start-up? Read about how we work and check out our open positions, or get in touch to learn more.

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