Five things we want to do differently than the rest of the consulting industry

Consulting is a notorious for its culture of long working hours, limited diversity, and a focus on billable hours instead of value. But we believe that high quality consulting can be different. At Nordam Business Partners, we are working to change the industry from the inside out to better support the needs of our clients and employees. We strive to change the consulting industry for the better. Here are five things we do differently

We customise jobs to fit the lives of our employees

To support our employees in living their best lives, we work hard to maintain sustainable working practices. For us, this starts with offering 100% flexibility on working location. Whether our employees want to work from home or from our office is entirely up to them.

We also manage our schedules closely to ensure that our employees are working a reasonable number of hours. We have proven that we can serve our clients well and still make it home for dinner. Our jobs should fit into our lives and not the other way around.

We know we are successful because our employees have lives! Between families, friends, volunteer positions, and travel, we love hearing that our employees are thriving outside of work too.

We practice what we preach

Talent is core to our success. We know that diversity in our workplace is good for everyone, and that recruiting and retaining diverse perspectives is a worthwhile endeavour.

We are a woman-owned business, and as such we inherently go against the male-dominated, traditionally masculine cultural norms of the consulting and finance industries. But we know that having women at the top is not enough. We are continuously working to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are highly valued and effectively implemented in our company.

To help ensure that we are bringing on new employees because they are the best for our needs, we use recruiting techniques that reduce the impact of our biases.

Our recruitment platform employs neuroscientific games that help us to understand candidates’ strengths and work styles before we see their personal information. This allows us to decide on the characteristics and skills that are most appropriate to the role without considering a candidate’s age, gender, ethnicity, or other aspects of their identity.

Reducing the impact of our personal biases in the recruitment process is just the first step. We are working hard to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are ingrained in our culture and operations, and that their benefits are felt by current employees too.

Core to this effort is a focus on psychological safety. Our employees are empowered and encouraged to speak their minds, including about our business itself. As we grow, we are continuously learning and reflecting to ensure that our new team members feel fully included and safe being themselves at work. We are attuned to our implicit culture and ensure that it matches our explicit priorities.

Our inclusive culture is intentional, and we are committed to sustaining it even as we grow.

We focus on customer satisfaction

Improving a financial position, preparing for a company exit, or reporting on ESG can be a long and exhausting process. We guide our clients through this process, offering flexibility, accessibility, and understandable language. We hope that all our clients leave happy and will recommend us to others.

We can focus on happy clients because our main KPI is customer satisfaction, not maximised revenue per partner. Unlike in traditional firms, our managers are not incentivised to maximise revenue from the services for which they are individually responsible. This intentional shift in priorities and incentives allows us to offer the best service to our clients.

We respect our clients’ time and money

Our approach to consulting is holistic and pragmatic. Financial and competitive conditions are given high priority in all our recommendations, and we will only recommend solutions that make sense for the client.

Our ESG recommendations will always address the greatest risks to the client. We will never recommend “the greenest” solution just because it exists. Instead, we will find the most appropriate solution based on the client’s risks and goals. ESG activities can and should create value for the client.

Likewise, we know our expertise – and its limits. We will never hesitate to recommend another advisory firm if we believe it offers a solution or expertise better than we do. Our goal is to help our clients, and that requires us to know when a specific challenge is beyond our scope. We will never use our clients’ time or money if we cannot deliver high quality results.

We dare communicate about our actual culture

We strive to publish transparent information about our company. We are not perfect, but we are always learning and improving.

We view transparency about our business as a tool for fostering and ensuring a healthy culture. We use non-business social media to provide insights into how we work, and regularly update our blog with our latest thoughts. These actions keep us accountable to our goals.

We believe that our marketing should align with reality. Unlike many traditional firms, we market our real culture. We not only encourage our employees to keep a healthy work-life balance, but we support them in doing so. We demonstrate that we value women leaders by having women leaders.

We also communicate internally, through informal chats and regular monthly town halls. For us, transparency applies internally, too. Everyone on the team deserves to know about the business they work for, and to contribute to its cultural and financial growth.

We are fully committed to the continuous education, reflection, and improvement required to sustain our inclusive and supportive environment. We are proud to be role models in the consulting industry!

Want to know more about us? Just ask! We are always happy to chat about ourselves, or to discuss how we can help your business.

Are you looking for a consulting firm that aligns with your organisation’s values? Are you ready to report on your ESG activities, including diversity, equity, and inclusion? Read more about our work with ESG reporting or reach out to learn how we can help your company plan for changing financial and ESG needs.

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