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Christine Nordam
Managing Partner


Christine’s background is in finance and M&A. Her past work included financial analysis for GroupM Finance (WPP company) and financial due diligence for the Transactions Services departments of PwC and Grant Thornton. In this capacity she has provided buy-side and sell-side services for over 30 transactions across a range of industries.

Christine holds an MSc in Finance and Accounting from CBS and a BSc in International Business from CBS.

Christine is a mother of three and partner to her husband, Rasmus. She is a proud advocate for a flexible and supportive work culture that serves clients and employees, and she founded Nordam Business Partners to change the M&A industry from within. Christine is an active member of Kvinder i Finans and Mensa Denmark.

Our purpose is to empower our clients and employees to succeed in reaching their goals
Our mission is to bring integrity back to client services through customised exit preparation and thriving employees
Our vision is to make exit preparation an inherent part of running a business


for our client’s unique needs and our employees’ wellbeing
to continuously engage with new knowledge and practices
to remain true to ourselves and deliver integrity in our services
in relation to the promises we make


Nordam Business Partners was founded by Christine Nordam in July 2021. Her vision was to create a contemporary consulting firm whose primary focus is on guiding companies safely through the sales process.

In her previous work, Christine found that employees on the seller’s side of each transaction were stressed, anxious, or burnt out. They were supporting the transaction on top of their usual responsibilities and had little support. When the target’s employees did not provide data or answer questions in a timely manner, she was required to push them even harder to obtain answers – despite sacrificing their wellness along the way. A lack of data from the target increased employee pressure further and led to deferred transactions. These conditions for a transaction were seen as normal, and employees and their companies suffered as a result.

Nordam Business Partners was founded with the intention of changing these conditions. We help clients prepare for and navigate transactions, making the transactions less stressful for the people and the company. We provide needed expertise and extra hands to ensure our clients gather and structure all the financial, ESG, and business data that they will need.

Today, Nordam Business Partners is a boutique advisory, working steadily on providing high-quality services to our clients. You can read more about our services, approach, and work methods on our blog.

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