Damernes Magasin

The company has so far used Nordam Business Partners in 1 out of 5 phases in the exit cycle.
01 Establishment
02 Maturation
03 Exit Preparation
04 Transaction
05 Post Transaction

Financial management implementation

October 2021 – May 2022

Establish the financial practices that would be expected when raising external capital. Our services included bookkeeping, establishing financial reporting, cash management, and tax assistance. Our focus was on building an easy-to-interpret accounting setup and creating templates for the financial reporting needed to raise external capital.

Our services included:

  • Analysing financials
  • Establishing management reporting and KPIs

“I have great ambitions for more shops and my own production, but I also want to contribute to changing the way we produce and consume goods. That requires external capital. Competition in the textile industry is fierce, and my strengths are procurement, strategic collaboration, and sales. That is why I called in Nordam at an early stage. They take care of the financial side of my business, while at the same time, I have professional consultation handy when required, for example when presenting my financial results or documenting how I work with sustainability.”

Tine Falk
Owner – Damernes Magasin
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