Global SaaS Company (Undisclosed)

The company has so far used Nordam Business Partners in 3 out of 5 phases in the exit cycle.
01 Establishment
02 Maturation
03 Exit Preparation
04 Transaction
05 Post Transaction

Interim M&A

July 2021 – November 2021

Manage exit preparation on behalf of the top management, so they can focus their resources on growing the normal business. Our services included coordination with the PE owner and team of external M&A professionals, including delivering input to the financial model, storytelling, and feedback on the teaser and IM. We were responsible for structuring the VDR, including collecting, cleaning, and redacting data for various work streams. When we made it to the management presentations, our role was to prepare management for the oral presentations and track answers asked by prospective investors. We drafted all answers for the Q&A sessions. Finally, our work included guiding management through a high-pressure exit process from a more personal perspective.

Our services included:

  • Preparing the data pack
  • Conducting vendor due diligence
  • Guiding the preparation of information memoranda (IM)
  • Preparing the management presentation (MP)
  • Practicing the oral management presentation (MP)
  • Building the virtual data room (VDR)
  • Coaching owners and management through the exit process

Buy-side due diligence

December 2021 – January 2022

Conduct a financial due diligence in an excluded process. Our client asked us to conduct this based on our experience within financial due diligence. Given our close collaboration with the client, we were also asked to coordinate the HR and technical due diligence processes with the client’s internal resources.

Our services included:

  • Buy-side financial due diligence
  • Buy-side HR due diligence
  • Buy-side technical due diligence

Pricing analysis

May 2022 - June 2022

Assist the management team through the transition from an owner-led company to a listed company. We provided cost management and profitability analyses, cash flow and net working capital analyses, interim controlling, budgeting and follow-up, preparation of global chart of accounts, description of tasks and onboarding processes. During our collaboration, our services increasingly became of educational and of interim finance manager character. Therefore, we recommended them to replace us with internal resources to save costs. We helped recruiting an experienced finance manager and a personal assistant to the CEO.

Our services included:

  • Analysing financials
  • Identifying needed changes to KPIs and reporting metrics
  • Educating the team and management
  • Drafting public company announcements
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