The company has so far used Nordam Business Partners in 4 out of 5 phases in the exit cycle.
01 Establishment
02 Maturation
03 Exit Preparation
04 Transaction
05 Post Transaction

IPO Preparations

July 2021 - November 2021

Prepare the owner and company for the IPO process. Our responsibilities included predicting what potential data and information investors would ask for during the IPO process and addressing these predictions in management presentations and Q&A sessions. As our client was an owner-led company with historical positive results, our task included a great amount of education and analysis.

Our services included:

  • Analysing financials (profitability analysis)
  • Assisting in writing documents for NASDAQ
  • Preparing management presentation
  • Drafting answers for Q&A
  • Practicing management presentations
  • Coaching owners and management through the exit process

“Christine and her team played an important role in our stock exchange listing, both in terms of professional and flexible support during the process itself and in the preparation for our new existence as a listed company. Christine very quickly got acquainted with our business and adapted her approach to our exact needs. She is a fantastic business partner who is not afraid of providing constructive criticism, which ultimately increases the quality of our collaboration. Christine and Nordam Business Partners come with my highest recommendation”

Maja Vonsild Jørgensen

Transition from owner-led to public company

January 2022 - June 2022

Assist the management team through the transition from an owner-led company to a listed company. We provided cost management and profitability analyses, cash flow and net working capital analyses, interim controlling, budgeting and follow-up, preparation of global chart of accounts, description of tasks and onboarding processes. During our collaboration, our services increasingly became of educational and of interim finance manager character. Therefore, we recommended that they replace us with internal resources to save costs. We helped recruit an experienced finance manager and a personal assistant to the CEO.

Our services included:

  • Analysing financials
  • Identifying needed changes to KPIs and reporting metrics
  • Educating the team and management
  • Drafting public company announcements

“Christine and her team at Nordam have helped us get ready for life as a listed company. We experience a completely different level of interest and professionalism in relation to our financial situation than we did in our years as an owner-managed company. We have had to adapt everything from our chart of accounts, monthly procedures, and structures to our profitability analyses, reporting and board of directors – while at the same time having to run faster than ever to keep up with demand. The quality of the information about our company has improved, which has made day-to-day operations easier and increased our insights and strategic opportunities.

[…] She is direct and honest in her recommendations and views, which makes her a close partner. Our collaboration with Nordam has proved both pleasant and efficient and it has provided our finance function with a much-needed boost. I will not hesitate to call Christine in future or recommend Nordam Business Partners to others.”

Thomas Kjeldbæk

ESG materiality and reporting

January 2022 - February 2022

Prepare Hove’s first ESG report. Our work included a report with recommendations for launching and structuring ESG initiatives, an assessment of commercial opportunities with respect to ESG, recommendations regarding approach, ongoing work, and reporting of ESG, a high-level materiality assessment and a complete table of the qualitative and quantitative parameters that we recommended to focus and report on going forward. In addition to our original scope, we assisted in structuring, rewriting text pieces, conducting a greenwashing review, proofreading, and language revision.

Our services included:

  • Defining the purpose for reporting
  • Conducting a high-level materiality assessment
  • Providing recommendations on ESG governance
  • Discovering, collecting, and recording data
  • Reviewing the report

“We released our first ESG report this year, where the strategic collaboration with Nordam was a key enabler in achieving this milestone. ​Dipping into their pool of knowledge gave us the support we needed to start the work, as well as quality assurance along the process. We found their ability to really understand where we were on our ESG journey to be a central factor in our good collaboration. Their large flexibility also made the process that much smoother for us“

Maja Vonsild Jørgensen
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