Apoteka (Verdane portfolio)

The company has so far used Nordam Business Partners in 2 out of 5 phases in the exit cycle.
01 Establishment
02 Maturation
03 Exit Preparation
04 Transaction
05 Post Transaction

Interim CFO

NOVEMBER 2022 – MARTS 2023

Recruited by the tech-focused private equity firm, Verdane.

As the interim CFO, I established a new view on profitability, and implemented the necessary structures to monitor investments and cash. This happened in close collaboration with the company’s CEO and the Board. I built a financial model to support decision-making, management reporting, a credible budget and five-year plan.

Christine demonstrated her ability to work under high pressure and walk the extra mile. She is highly cooperative, and service minded.

Eline Stokstad Fjell
Principal, Verdane
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