Owner managed business (undisclosed)

The company has so far used Nordam Business Partners in 2 out of 5 phases in the exit cycle.
01 Establishment
02 Maturation
03 Exit Preparation
04 Transaction
05 Post Transaction

Exit preparation

MARCH 2023 –

Helping an owner managed business prepare for an exit.

As part of the preparation, we analyze the company’s financial position via a light due diligence / vendor data pack. The company’s profile/product is well suited for an increased ESG effort, that can be used as a commercial advantage and will strengthen chances of a strong exit. We work with management’s understanding of ESG and identify which specific areas/initiatives are important for them to invest in. Finally, we help them build a credible business case and presentation of the company – to share with potential commercial buyers, who have shown interest in the past.

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